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by zero-in on WELLNESS


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Natural Apothecary  Skin Food - Bath, Body Care & Skin Care

taking care of your largest organ, your SKIN!

We believe in taking care of your skin and with 20 years of experience in skin care, aesthetics and aromatherapy we’ve seen some REALLY good products and a lot of NOT so good products (products that contain ingredients listed on our “Naughty List”)! We don’t want to be on any naughty list, so when we make our products we think of it as food for your skin and only use ingredients that are natural and good for you.

NATURAL APOTHECARY products are completely **100% ALL NATURAL. Only the finest and freshest ingredients are ever used in each of our custom blends. All ingredients are natural source ingredients which are; fair trade, naturally sustainable, eco-friendly and/or organic or *certified organic. Our products are naturally colored with botanicals, fruit and root powders and clays and can be ordered “unscented” or “scented” with essential oils. Our products are chemical and preservative free and contain no water.

While we like to refer to all of our products as “Skin Food” our products are intended for external use only!

Our Product Collections are labeled with either our

Baby Basket Branding or our Natural  Apothecary Branding.

Made in small batches our products are made entirely by hand and are hand packaged, so you may notice a slight variation in each product and from batch to batch! However, the end product and quality always remains the same; our SKIN FOOD will leave your skin feeling silky soft and healthy looking. We carefully select all of the ingredients for each product to give each product it’s own personality and uniqueness. Ingredients are sourced for their vitamin, nutrient, mineral and aromatherapy values and each product in each collection offers multiple uses & skin loving benefits that help cleanse, nourish and moisturize skin;  ALL WITH LOVE FROM NATURE!  

As all products are “made to order”, please let us know if you would like to try a product but have a sensitivity to a specific ingredients.  Usually we can reformulate a product and make it user friendly for you or create something just for you.

For those of you interested in learning more about SKIN FOOD, Aromatherapy and Cosmetic Chemistry we invite you to attend one of our Cosmetic Making Workshops or Host your own event. We offer programs, workshops and events for children 4 - 17 and adult programs for 18 year an up.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you!

**The only exception to our 100% ALL Natural Ingredients: (Lye used to make soap and is the only ingredient that is not natural however, you can not make soap with out lye). It is the chemical reaction between the lye-water and fats that creates soap. During the saponification the lye and fats are chemically changed into what is called soap and the water evaporates.  There is no lye-water left in your soap once the saponification process is completed.